Welcome to Vagabond Lifestyles Community 

Where our message is: To live a simple, economically sustainable and nomadic Lifestyle.

Our vagabond community is made up of those who are already living the vagabond lifestyle and those who want to transition into this lifestyle.

For some people this represents the life of a Digital Nomad, Lifestyle designers, Location Independent, Novo Rich, and many other given names, but all implying Freedom.

Freedom to choose where we live, Freedom to choose where we work from, and Freedom to travel the world and experience a life of adventures.

The Vagabond Lifestyles Blog is a platform establish to gather and curate stories providing you with tools and resources to transition into this life of freedom and adventure.

Our goal is to be a knowledge base sharing platform where we can all benefits from each others knowledge and experiences, helping you surpass the fear of the unknown about this lifestyle design and transition from the planning into executing a simple, economically sustainable and nomadic lifestyle.

Vagabond Blueprints

In this section you will be able to access some great stories from actual vagabond, I call them “Vagabond Stars,” folks that are experiencing there new found lifestyles (or not so new). You will be able to have front road seats in learning who they are how they make the transition and how long they adopted their nomadic lifestyles. Some of them are expats, others have a home based in USA and travel as little as one month at a time (like me), and others have no permanent home and travel all over the world.

Vagabond Tools & Gear

In my path as a vagabond I really benefited from a lot of the resources that other vagabonds recommended, and because of that I thought it would be helpful to create two separate sections for the site, a toolbox and a gear section.

The Toolbox section will have links, book recommendations, software, apps, and all the necessary tools for you to operate your business in a nomadic lifestyle.

The Gears section will have physical products that helps you feel good, look good, comfortable and productive, in other words resource to facilitate your vagabond lifestyle needs.

Travel Hacks

In this section you will find and experience everything about traveling, from vagabond stories, photos, videos, travel guides, and many other resources specific to every continent & country.